When it comes to sweepstakes, management experience matters.

Our experience in the industry and strong knowledge of sweepstakes laws makes us the best solution for your in-game/in-app sweepstakes needs.


MANGO FAMILY offers a wide range of services and helps in the planning and executing your in-game sweepstakes. Our services are customized to your needs and our clients can outsource all aspects of their promotional administration to us. We will handle all the paperwork, and details for your in-game international promotions.


Our service is not only practical, but a cost effective solution. We provide a smooth and successful integration of our service from beginning to end and ensure marketing objectives are met, as well as, promotional budgets respected.


Laws concerning sweepstakes are very different from one jurisdiction to another. We can help to ensure your promotion reaches, and is made available to all your customers, as we cover most countries including USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland and Australia.


Freemium game users have difficulties believing that they can win real life prizes or money, by playing a freemium game. This is understandable, as winning in a freemium game is rather unusual. Mango Family helps you to build customer confidence and satisfaction.


Interactive games are fun! But playing a game on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer is even more rewarding, for your customers, if they stand the chance to win! When it comes to freemium games, the possibility of winning something real can triple the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) if the marketing concept is adequately designed!

We take care of the sweepstakes  for the following games, and keep their customers satisfied