Commercial diagnostic

Before implementing any sweepstakes promotions into your game, we verify the profitability of the operation and ensure that it integrates properly with your gameplay.

Sweepstakes legal compliance

Mango Family will review your project, verify its legal feasibility, prepare the official rules/terms and conditions, and validate the project once it is legally compliant. We also guarantee that everything is compliant with Google, Apple and Facebook regulations.

Privacy policy compliance

Mango Family prepares your privacy policy as it is a requirement, in order to organize sweepstakes, in EU territories.

Administrative support

We acquire, complete and file the appropriate state and country paperwork. We also audit your prize awarding process.

Prize Logistics

Mango family can take care of prize logistics for you, which can allow you to obtain preferential prices from our selected suppliers and improve your reward logistics process.

Improving your credibility

Mango family guarantees your that your prize awarding process is completely compliant legally and provides you with recommendations on how to communicate in order to reassure your users.

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